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If you are lucky enough to be greeted at the self storage unit facility by the manager, it is likely that you will be. If you do not see the Brilliant Storage manager, don't worry. A self-storage manager has many responsibilities. This helps to ensure that self-storage facilities run smoothly, and that there are no major problems.

Here are some things self storage managers might do.

Show Units. A self storage manager's main responsibility is to demonstrate the storage units that are currently available to potential tenants. A good self storage manager will take into consideration the needs of potential tenants, then show them the units that best fit their needs. They will understand better than anyone what items should be kept in climate controlled units or outside units.

Provide Pricing and Procedure. When a prospective tenant becomes an actual tenant, it is the job of the self-storage manager to make sure that they are fully familiar with the rules and regulations regarding the facility. Also, what the pricing will include. They will provide information about the different payment options available and also explain things like the facility hours and how to use the gate security codes, if any.

* Enforce Rules: The self storage manager must enforce all rules and regulations and ensure that self storage renters are up-to-date with their payments. This is an ongoing task and probably the most time-consuming. But this is perhaps the most important aspect a self storage manager does. If rents are not paid and rules are repeatedly broken, self storage managers may find themselves out of work.

Setting up auctions If a tenant isn't paying their storage rent in a set amount of time then the storage facility can, by law, sell the contents of its unit to recoup any or all of it losses. The self storage manager must set up an auction in the event of this. They will need take several actions, including notifying the tenant of the sale, publishing the announcement in the local newspaper, as well as hiring an auctioneer.