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You are here because your Windows log-in password has been forgotten and you are now locked out. This article will explain how to recover your Windows password. It's compatible with all Windows versions: Windows 2000, XP Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 7. Windows Password Recovery tool is the best tool that helps you to recover Windows password easily and quickly, therefore you need to download the tool on windows password reset usb

What will we need to recover a lost Windows password? First, you need to have access on a non-locked computer. This computer should be able to burn CDs. A laptop is fine. This computer is needed to create a bootable ISO disc for your locked laptop. You don't have to worry if you find this complicated. Software will manage the whole process.

The second and final thing we need is software to create bootable reset discs. This software will automatically create the bootable DVD that you'll need to reset your Windows password. The link to this software is at the bottom of the article. Install it on your unlocked computer/laptop.

Simply insert the blank CD into your laptop or computer, then launch Password Resetter. Follow the instructions to complete the process. A few clicks will get you a bootable DVD that can be used for unlocking your locked computer.