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It is essential to prepare everything from scratch in order to achieve a truly nutritious meal. No more prepared meals or premade foods. No more ready-to-eat soups, bread loaves or prepared sauces.

When you next go meal prep company, take the time to look at the ingredients. As they are natural products, fruits and vegetables do not have any additives. All the rest is important.

I gave it a try and spent two hours shopping for groceries one morning in the past two years. I looked through every package that contained anything not naturally occurring in nature. These included cereals, cheese, yogurt, cheese, ready meals and pizza. It was quite a wakeup call.

Don't be fooled by the pretty packaging. Check the label on the back of each pack to make sure you are not being deceived. You will decide if you want to add colourants, preservatives, and additives to your diet. Or if you are okay with large amounts of sugar and salt. Even the most simple of items can contain ingredients you wouldn’t choose to consume. I found a cold roast chicken leg & thigh that contained Demerara sugar. This was apparently to give the meat its brown appearance.

You want to purchase it as close as possible to its original form.

Go organic is the best option. While it might be more expensive to purchase organic produce and vegetables, the price you pay for your well-being and health is worth it. Consider that pesticides have increased 50 fold in the past 50 years and that 23 million tonnes of pesticides are used each year around the globe, why wouldn't we want to make sure our food is safe? Organic food does not have to be treated with pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or any other chemicals. While the relevant governing body will confirm that the quantities used are within safety limits, they won't give you any information about the potential effects if you consume the same small amount every day for fifty years.