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Manitowoc Food is a leading manufacturer of commercial deep fryers for foodservice rotaryana. The company manufactures a range of premium quality fryers for both gas and electric that feature innovative design to improve fryer performance as well as fried food quality. Frymaster's deep-frying label is used to group the collection. This is a summary of what you will receive.

Frymaster is a popular deep fryer that can increase profit margins by using labor-saving and energy-saving features. This helps to support green and sustainable initiatives. They are also well-respected for their safety record. The company has shown an openness to customers in the past. The company uses the most advanced material, design, manufacturing and logistics processes. One aspect of the company's strategy was to reduce the amount of moving parts which, in turn, lowers maintenance costs.

If I had to choose one electric deep fryer, the FPH14-7 would be it. This unit was specifically designed to be used with a ventless cooker. It features a Footprint filter system that fits perfectly under the fryer. This system is a breakthrough in cost savings, safety and reliability. It takes just 3 minutes to finish the automatic filtering operation and set the desired heat level. Easy cleaning is possible because the electric elements move out and up. This leaves the fry pot open and smooth. Because the entire fry pot is open, the element is free of obstructions. This makes it easy to scrub and wipe. The heating elements of the ribbon type are submerged in oil. This increases efficiency and reduces heat transfer to the oil, not up a chimney. This reduces radiant heat in the kitchen, which means less heat is generated and consequently lower electric bills. Easy to use controls allow for a more efficient melt-warm up cycle.